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Cooking Safely at Home


Tired of feeling limited and isolated by your intolerance to gluten or your food allergies?

At Mary Lee Catering, we can show you how to  bring variety and pleasure back into your life by cooking safely at home.

We’ve devised a system that includes how to:

  • Create a clean and safe kitchen.
  • Shop within your budget.
  • Enjoy delicious entrees for yourself and even cater a party!

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Who is Mary Lee?

At Mary Lee Catering,  we are on a mission to bring everyone back to the family table, raise awareness about sustainable eating, and help you live a happy healthy lifestyle.

We are a gluten free, allergy sensitive catering and nutritional coaching company.

Our cuisine is fresh, organic, and eclectic. It  reflects the flavors of the season, and the cultural and ethnic diversity of Southern California.

About our Founder, Elizabeth Eichhorn


Whether you’re catering a dinner party for 12 people, or planning a gluten-free, allergy-free wedding for 150 people…

…with Mary Lee Catering,  you and your guests are guaranteed a delicious time.

Our cuisine reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of Southern California.

We only use  fresh, local, and when available organic ingredients.

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